We can perform the following studies and solve your problems through modeling & analysis.

Our general approach, is that, a basic understanding of the underlying phenomena is always required to solve a problem or develop a new project. We have extensive experience in the following technical and analictical fields and can proactively perform proper studies to avoid complexities.

Here you see a list of typical studies of our team:

Full life cycle flow assurance analysis from pore to process

  • Static, transient multiphase flow analysis
  • Detailed start-up, cool-down and thermal performance assessment for onshore and offshore pipelines
  • Liquid loading analysis of gas condensate wells and preparing lift curves
  • Detailed production chemistry analysis for wax, asphaltene , scale and hydrate
  • Advising on amount and location of chemical injections

Dynamic-Static vent, blowdown, HIPPS, water hammer and overpressure studies

  • Dynamic vent and blowdown studies to determine the existing vent system back pressure and capacity for new tie-in’s
  • Comprehensive compressor vent and blowdown studies
  • Comprehensive dynamic HIPPS studies to determine HIPPS set pressure and response time

Artificial lift

  • Feasibility studies to determine the type of artificial lift system
  • Optimizing the current artificial lift system

Process studies:

  • Process Static and dynamic simulations
  • Gas processing unit
  • Dehydration unit
  • Gas sweetening unit
  • Compression unit
  • Vapour recovery system
  • Sizing calculations (Line, Equipment, PSV, Control Valve, etc)

Mechanical Studies:

  • Equipment Selection ( Rotary and Static)
  • Capacity Verification
  • Compressor studies for depleted gas fields
  • Revamping studies for compressors/ pumps, surface jet pumps, etc
  • Pressure Vessel Design
  • Storage Tanks Design
  • Pig Launcher / Receiver
  • CFD modelling
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Mechanical handling Studies
  • Constructability/Operability studies

Material Studies

Module/Skid design:

  • Modules design for platforms and floating structures
  • FPSO conversion studies
  • Metering skid
  • Chemical injection
  • Pump skid
  • Fuel gas skid

Piping Studies:

  • Plot plan/layout and pipe routing
  • 3D modeling
  • Brownfield workpack preparation

Instrumentation/Control and Safeguarding systems studies

  • Plant safety design
  • Plant automation and modernization
  • Switching manned plant to unmanned/ Remote operation studies
  • Functional safety engineering
  • Field transmitters and control valve selection/sizing
  • Control and Safeguarding Philosophies

Well hook ups/ Flow-line studies

Subsea tiebacks/Pipeline studies and design

Other studies:

  • Availability/Reliability studies
  • Cost estimation, NPV Calculation
  • Feasibility studies and concept selection for marginal field developments