About Elixir

Elixir engineers aim to break out of conventional engineering practice, not simply by using their expertise and knowledge but also relying more on their ingenuity and intellection.

We can perform technical studies or provide design, engineering, procurement and project management services across all phases of the project life cycle in the following fields:

Oil & Gas – Power and Utilities- Clean Energy .

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Elixir team provides right balance of consultancy and engineering services across all phases of the project. We uniquely plan, design, procure and deliver projects of:

Offshore and onshore oil & gas production, Field developments, Plant asset management & Brownfield modifications

Power plant design, Utilities and Balance of Plant, also Clean Energy

Efficient project management and pragmatic procurement services is also part of our portfolio.

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We can  solve your problems through modeling & analysis. We have extensive experience in the technical and analictical fields.To perform our studies, we listen good to you to fully understand the problem. We believe the good understanding of the underlying phenomena is always required to solve a problem or develop a new project.

Our advance involvement in the projects by performing core studies will avoid complexities and unneseccary studies.

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Elixir Cares

We focus on people we work with, we care about our clients.

The people that work for us and with us. 

We focus on environment we care for.

And the world we live in.

We also want to make a change for people in developing countries to help them create a better future.

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We really care.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development is not just a button on our website. We believe that without successful social and sustainable policies we aren`t strong. We focus on people we work with, environment we care for and the world we live in.

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