Elixir engineers aim to break out of conventional engineering practice.

In the alchemy – the predecessor of modern chemistry –Elixer meant the stone of wisdom. Today Elixir is often referred to the quintessence or absolute embodiment of anything. We found it to be the perfect name for us.

We are practical market professionals with a sound view on construction and manufacturing requirements. We clearly ask you about the commercial criteria of your project because understanding the financial picture improves our services.

We believe the high quality of our engineering is not the only value of our work. Listening good, understanding the needs, being powerful thinker, finding valuable solutions and being flexible in the execution are also our values!

We can perform technical studies or provide design, engineering, procurement and project management services across all phases of the project life cycle in the following fields:

Oil & Gas – Power and Utilities – Clean Energy

With an optimized and integrated management systems in place, Elixir can offer competitive rates for high level engineering.