Elixir team is capable to plan, design, procure and deliver projects in the Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and Clean Energy fields by:

  • Providing right balance of the consultancy and engineering services across all phases of the project.
  • Providing full field provision with all technical competences.
  • Bringing the necessary parties to the team to tie the technical with the financial aspects of the project together.
  • Selection of the best technical and commercial options.
  • Cost optimization, standardization and decreasing the inefficiencies.
  • Involvement at pre-sanction and design phase of the project and providing a holistic approach planning for entire project
  • Providing pragmatic procurement services
  • Providing efficient project management services

1) Engineering

Elixir can perform multidisciplinary engineering projects in the following fields:

Oil & Gas Field Developments

We know:

  • Recent low oil prices haven’t been great for the oil and gas industry
  • Countries that heavily rely on the commodity suffer more
  • As engineers , we can`t help changing the tax regime, E&P companies strategies and governmental decisions but we all need to think long term about cost savings in order to make projects more economically viable.

We can:

  • By early involvement in your studies, select the best technical and commercial solution.
  • By using our experience avoid unnecessary studies and complexities
  • By being trustful and independent bring trust between business parties to collaborate for delivering goods and services

Onshore Oil & Gas Production

We can help you in:

  • Design of the new treatment centers
  • Optimisation and de-bottlenecking of the aged plants
  • Upgrade and life extension

Offshore Oil & Gas Production

For up/mid-stream oil & gas production Elixir provides:

  • Structural design of the deck and the platform
  • Pipeline design
  • Subsea structures
  • SURF
  • Top side design
  • Platform decommissioning studies
  • Floating infrastructure

Plan Asset Management

Elixir understands your asset’s need over it’s life cycle and can support you in:

  • Optimization of your operation, improvemet of the performance
  • Reducing the maintanance cost
  • Increasing plant availability and reliablity
  • Providing an independent and balanced consultancy and engineering services to bring the plant quickly into operation
  • Applying the best technology and solution
  • Providing world class oil & gas experience based on years of specialist knowledge with a strong track record of the team
  • Smart and cost effective solutions to deliver a business growth
  • Full spectrum of services through engineering, operations and maintenance
  • Supporting compliance with standards and regulations

Brownfield modifications

Brownfield modifications are usually challenging, but not due to the technical complexity. Mainly due to the space, cost and time limits. This Operations centric project environment requires strong and practical engineers. Based on our experience, an advance engineering work and involvement at pre-sanction and design phase is the key success factor. By a holistic approach planning at early stage, cost and schedule certainty can be achieved in subsequent phases.

Our multidisciplinary brownfield engineering services includes:

  • Due diligence of the existing infrastructure (Safety, Process, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Mechanical and Structural)
  • Gap analysis and definition of the asset late life issues ( capacity, turndown, integrity, regulatory changes, etc)
  • Framing the project and concept selection
  • Functional Safety and Reliability Reviews
  • Design of the modifications based on the constructability & minimization of the shut-down requirements
  • Identification of the procurement long lead items and start of supply
  • Managing stakeholders, and integration with Operations led projects
  • Detailed design and construction work-pack preparation
  • Engineering services during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up

Power and utilities

For power and energy sector Elixir Engineers provide services for:

  • Power plant design
  • Optimization of the existing power plants
  • Emmission reduction solutions
  • Hybrid power generation/plants
  • CHP/ CCHP design
  • New concepts for offshore power generation, Wind/Solar/ORC
  • Balance of Plant and Utilities

Clean Energy

Elixir looks for an environmental friendly solution by:

  • Applying the latest technologies in the field of solar and wind energy
  • Innovative solutions for offshore power supply
  • Floating clean power plants

2) Procurement Services

  • We help our clients to get the very best out of the suppliers so that they are truly delivering on the project critical goals.
  • We are practical and pride ourselves on common sense way of doing business
  • We are aware of well-known E&P companies and main EPC contractors procedures and requirements
  • We don`t follow complicated methodologies and models but we tailor make the supply market inside out
  • We build and maintain excellent relationships with the key players
  • We bring trust between business parties to collaborate for supply and to deliver real benefits to cliet quickly
  • Our fresh approach gives you an agility in your large projects
  • We can be help in: small and big projects, key contract renegotiations, a sourcing project delivered, or an overhaul of your entire supply chain
  • Our services are well balanced, strong but light touch processes that will truly enable your project to function

We provides procurement services for:

  • Supply of Mechanical Equipment, Packages, Skids, Process Units, Electrical equipment, Instrumentation & Control Systems, Piping material ,etc
  • Preparation of the technical & commercial specifications,( RFQs & RFIs)
  • Procurement analysis, Strategy Definition, Commercial T&C review
  • Supplier Engagement, Tendering, ClarificationsNegotiations
  • Supplier Prequalificaion, Due Deligence & Sub vendor list
  • Technical & Commercial Bid Evaluation
  • Progress Monitor & Desk Expediting
  • Project procurement plan, LLI definition, material track register`
  • Site Inspections, QA, Test Attendance
  • Vendor Document Review/ Approval,MRB
  • Non-Conformities.Variation Orders & Change Management
  • 3rd Party Management, Logistic support
  • Optimisation of the Procurement cycle
  • Vendor Selection, PO Placement

3) Project Management

We provide :

  • Fit for purpose project management services
  • Cost controlling and Planning
  • Risk management
  • Project quality management

We pride ourselves on making the project a success by:

  • Being specific about the scope and the project execution methodology
  • Providing a holistic approach planning for entire project
  • Allocation of someone from higher levels of our organization to be an executive buy-into the project from start to finish .
  • Assigning the right person to manage the project .We don`t pick up project managers based on their availability but on skill set
  • Getting everyone on the team behind the project
  • Regular and clear communication and project strategy sharing
  • Alignment of our team with latest technologies
  • Being flexible and listening to new information and suggestions that come up along the way
  • Correct and fast scope change management: by regular project scope monitor, track change requests, estimation of effect of the change in less than 3 days, approval of client, execution
  • Relying on the underlying process and not expecting sofwares to solve all Our Project Management Issues!
  • Having a metric for defining success